Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reflection, Inflection, and Connection

The words of reflection, inflection and connection are composed of prefixes which imply the concept of self and the need to ponder one's actions in life. Regardless of our profession, there is great strength to be had by pausing to think how we impact our surroundings in a positive or negative way. While many imply this is a way of second guessing ourselves, it provides the opportunity to question the path we travel...whether we change our ways or stay the course. Change is not something to fear as long as we remain committed to being positive in our everyday actions and personal resolve. As an future educator, how can we not teach our students to embrace change if we remain stuck in teaching styles which were formulated and styled for classrooms which were constructed 30-plus years ago? We know the answer for what it is and it all begins with a conversation about being the best we can be.