Monday, October 24, 2016

The Band of Brothers

The Band of Brothers, Oct 2016
Little did I ever think that I'd post a reflection regarding a high school sports team, much less one dealing with defeat. But as it is with life, we learn important lessons about human interaction; not always involving myself with a cast of characters, but watching how they influenced one another both on and off the arena of sports. From the pain of losing comes an awesome feeling of accomplishment...of knowing how important this interaction meant to each of them.
Any person who has ever coached, managed, mentored, taught, advised, or parented a team understands the true impact that young people can sometimes have on you. Success or failure is immaterial; it's the grit and heart which defines inner character. When they win, you celebrate. Whey they lose, you suffer. But when they grow as individuals, you acknowledge their deep conviction for determination and willingness to sacrifice. I've been fortunate to personally experience those moments in life, be it with the Silver Lakers or Wild Rose Wildcats, but never like this.
Mr. D and Nate
This group is forever known as the "Band of Brothers" for a commitment to each other; senior members of the BDHS football team, who played their final game together just over a week ago. What began as a season of promise ended in disappointment and deep emotion. When they were freshmen I made a promise that I would attend every home & away game during their senior year. Mission accomplished; but not without feeling their pain and witnessing something very special. Their journey into the future has only just begun.
After the team picture (top right) was taken I was is awe when many of these individuals asked to have a picture taken with me before leaving the stadium. Kids don't come up to the teacher at the end of class and say "Today's lesson meant so much to me that I want a picture of us together."  ....maybe they would if the meaning was truly best understood for the true impact it had on their life.