Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Moving just a little closer to the edge....

Today marks the end of my formalize classroom education at UW-Stevens Point, and within the next 30 days I'll be walking into a new setting as I begin my 5-1/2 month tenure as Student Teacher at Weyauwega High School. I leave behind a university that I've come to love, the interaction with young adults who often see me as a parent-figure, and a wealth of seasoned educators. Now I begin the process of transition from theory to practice and design to application. This is when I am able to tap into my real-world experiences and combine lesson outlines with new technology. I acknowledge that I've yet to meet any individual my age who is raring the charge for his first classroom with the liking of a 16-year old driving for the first time, but this is a special time in my life. It not only fulfills a dream, but unleashes a groundswell of hope and optimism for where all of this might take me. It's a time filled with opportunity, yet uncertainty. In moving just a little closer to the edge, there's a element of eager anticipation of what awaits me in the weeks to come.

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