Saturday, January 13, 2018

Freshman Insight As Only Freshmen Would See It

During the last day of regularly scheduled classes I always ask those freshmen in Global Studies to share insight on ways to make improvements to my class. This last semester I asked another rather simple question in hopes of scratching the surface of better understanding how young minds look at their first year of high school. The question was as follows: “In one sentence, what is the hardest thing about high school?” Their responses were both refreshing and honest in nature. I did not make changes to grammar, spelling, or punctuation as they provoke added intrigue on my part. Enjoy…...

  • The hardest thing about school is test. I’m not a well studier and that really effects my grade.
  • To me there is nothing to hard about school.
  • Navigating all the construction. Not being shy around other people. Participating.
  • Waking up to going to school.
  • Hardest thing about school is not being in control and waking up for it.
  • Getting things done on time and getting up early because I procrasente and have insomia
  • Getting up and learning things you feel will be no importance in your life/career
  • Amount of homework w/being involved & sports to you’re well rounded for college
  • The hardest thing to me are the tests because I can’t remember sertin things about classes.
  • The hardest thing is making sure I maintain the 4.0 GPA like I want. Sometimes the work can be so overwhelming that I can’t do the work but I push through it and try my hardest.
  • The hardest thing about school is learning different ways in each class like listening in English, reading in Global Studies & watching/doing in Geometry
  • The hardest thing about school is dealing with the stresses it brings.
  • Proboly, waking up and being here and getting homework done on time.
  • The hardest thing about school is how there is always alot of homework.
  • Hardest Thing: over-commit myself. Say I can do too much and end up very stressed because I’m not the best in something.
  • The hardest part is waking up and having to memorize things fast.
  • The hardest thing about school is the pressure put on you to do your very best.
  • The hardest thing about school is the homework.
  • The work
  • The hardest thing about school is homework, tests, and getting good grades.
  • The hardest thing about school is dealing with the people in it.
  • The hardest thing about school for me is procrastination and dealing with people.
  • 8th hour regardless of the class it’s always boring
  • The homework piling up and sometime the teachers don’t explain it well.
  • Hardest thing about school is turning work in on time especially with other classes to do work for. Also, I don’t have many friends anymore.
  • The hardest part about school is being comitted and motivated.
  • Hardest thing is not having fun or interesting classes.
  • Hardest thing about school would be that im not the greatest at it. No one really is.but something with me not being able to focus as much as others but ive been told i can change it or its an excuse but people don’t understand.That my learning is different.
  • The hardest thing for me is the teachers I hate getting told what to do and when I have to do it.
  • I think the hardest part about school is homework and not talking.
  • I think the hardest thing about school is when you do really well on all the assignments in a class but then do bad on the test.
  • The homework and not being able to see your friens too much.
  • I think the hardest thing about high school is, tests. They take a huge part of your grade.
  • I think one of the hardest parts of high school is how little Middle School prepares you for it. In middle school you don’t really need to study for tests, yet in high school, it’s a completely different picture.
  • The hardest thing about school is maintaining a 4.0
  • The hardest thing about school is the tests and showing up
  • I think the hardest thing is just jaming My brain with infromata Also, the tests, are usually hard and cause alot of stress on me to get an A.
  • The hardest thing is how others see you. They look at you and already decide what person you are.
  • The hardest thing about school is the stupid children. I learned not to try too hard.
  • I think the hardest thing in school is trying to stay focused in my class
  • The hardest thing for me is trying not to talk to my friends during class.

It truly amazes me how open and forthright freshmen can be when you ask them to share their opinions. Within 10 minutes of completing their 3x5 feedback cards I asked them to write another note, only this one would be addressed to next semester’s class, offering their brutally open insight on this class so fellow freshmen are provided a ‘warning sign’ with regards to classroom conduct and expectations. Although these departing students think their letters will go unnoticed by myself, I spend 45-60 minutes reviewing each one to make sure there were no hidden references to drugs, alcohol, or inappropriate language. 100% were sincere and to the point.

Their completed letters often mirrored some of the many petty annoyances happening in the personal life of today’s teenager, but also provided a glimpse of what I was doing right and perhaps wrong in their eyes. There was a consistent message from the group for the way they obtained a new understanding for today’s world and that learning could indeed be fun. The “hardest things” mentioned on those 3x5 cards were noticeably absent from their classmate letters, so my impression is that some of their other teachers could be somewhat detached from their world. This is not a slam against my fellow teachers, but still cause for some concern on my part as an adult who values student relationships. Many years ago I was reminded that perception is often another’s reality.  :)

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