Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Room without a View (as of yet)

My first day at school was everything I thought it could be and more. New Teacher In-Service Week has been a blast...meeting fellow rookies like myself and sensing their anxieties. Best of all, I found an empty room waiting for my arrival....without life, form or meaning, sterile and open, screaming for character and creative thinking, odorless and void. Four walls, one door, and no windows. The first item for my desk was the wooden sign that Pat Fee, my cooperating teacher at Weyauwega High School, presented to me back in June. It looked pretty sharp, and in time it will come to be all the more special. The room had everything except a SmartBoard and me, but we're working on the first item. What you see here is NOT what you'll find one month from now. It will be swarming with creative thinking and active learners. By the end of September you'll find things never imagined, sounds never heard, and thoughtful ideas never conceived. Look out Beaver Dam High School, here I come. The Golden Beavers are about to discover the exciting world of Mr. D!

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