Saturday, September 1, 2012

Livin' the Dream

My classroom is spit spot and ready for the first class of the day. No doubt before the final bell of dismissal on Tuesday I'll find some other "things" which could and should have been included in the decor, but after all the preparation I'm ready as ever. This has been a long time coming, but just as a good soup takes time and effort to brew to its ultimate taste, this individual is seasoned to perfection...nurtured with the finest spices, cultivated by the finest chefs, and now served to patrons who seek unique offerings of magnificent lesson plans. (okay, the "magnificent" might be stretching it a bit)

My colleagues at my new school are interested in why this veteran of business and real-life is wading into their end of the pool where the water is rarely disturbed. Why would someone like me want to attempt a triple-lutz-cannonball-highdive into the chaotic world of teaching? As I have done from the very start, I always remind my peers that creativity and change is good for the world of education as it represents a true vision of the world as it is today. Once my students leave the classroom and walk out onto the street, the world is not knocking on their door asking for their input, and they will have to take matters into their own hands with a positive and proactive methodology. And as prepared as I might think I am, I'm more aware of the importance of being quick on my feet, to adapt to the contrasting learning needs of my students.

Yes...I like what I see, feel, hear and taste so far, but the final product is far from being completed. It will be an ongoing process until the music stops, the lights are turned out and everyone goes home. For those who wander into my postings, you are invited to follow along in the days ahead on my classroom Wiki:   This is used as a starting point for my students, their parents, and fellow members of the faculty in order to communicate expectations, extend recent lesson plans and put forth challenging thoughts. It is not (and never will be) there for social media, but it will change from day to day. Buried within the individual folders are starting points for daily conversations to inspire new ways of looking at history, economics and everyday life. While most people think of literacy as only reading, the Common Core Standards actually define literacy as reading, writing, speaking, and listening...a four sided square of equal proportions. This is the cornerstone of good thought in my universe of good thought, and it will be forever practiced in Mr. D's classroom.

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