Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Door Swings Both Ways

This past week I said goodbye to a pair of colleagues who have influenced my short teaching career. Their departure was rather sudden, but as can be expected in the business world, you rarely find people staying put all the time. Much like a young worker whom you had high expectations for, the day comes when they enter your office and announce that they can't wait for the promotion that was expected. Much like the future-manager who confessed to needing more challenges, then hastily accepting a new position with your competitor. Their leaving creates a wound which takes time to it at a school, business, or household. Life will proceed as it has for the past thousands of years, and in a month or two no one will admit to have noticed the change.

Just as these two individuals leave through the swinging doors, there will shortly be new faces in the crowd to interject thoughts and ideas on my life as well as those around me. They will most likely challenge some conventional ways of thinking, yet infusing new perspectives on time-honored traditions within the halls of the school. Bring it on!

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