Friday, August 1, 2014

It's August...already!

Many of my fellow teachers stay away from the classroom until the official call goes out for the start of a new school year. I stand not in judgement of them, knowing that in life (regardless of one's profession) people often act in the same manner. I tend to immerse myself in learning throughout the summer, using some of my downtime to search for new materials and challenge myself with new skills associated with technology. My backyard, often referred to as the center of my universe, becomes a haven for contemplation from sunrise to sunset and I'm able to charge my batteries in ways which few would fully understand.

Even though I still have four weeks until in-service week, I like to peek ahead by looking at class rosters and reviewing past grades for this year's classes, not so much to make predetermined judgments on individual students, but to get a feel for various learning styles which will be my focus for the months to come. No two students learn the same way, and my lesson plans need constant tweaking in order to provide versatility at a moment's notice.

I am also in the midst of authoring a new course for the 2015-16 school year which will impact the school curriculum for many years to come. As we transition from U.S. History (pre-colonial to WWI) to Global Studies, I am looking for ways to incorporate new standards for the Common Core into a rigorous offering of history, geography, and modern-day problems associated with countries in the eastern hemisphere. This is a slow process, but one which I fully embrace for what it opportunity to raise the level of expectations on all fronts.

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