Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Lab Reflections

You’re NEVER too old to learn! Whether you’re in the classroom, working an assembly line, or somewhere in between, it’s all about how we handle the frustration that surrounds our efforts in learning something new. Based on my experience in the business world, I am often amazed at how different people handle new routines. We’re all creatures of habit, and some find it difficult to adjust…regardless of age. Learning a new technology is good exercise for the brain and forces us to push in a new direction. If my body didn’t get daily exercise, my muscles would begin to weaken. Our brains need stimulation and activity to function as well. The opportunities with technology provide that stimulation which will enhance new skills. Over the years I’ve watch people deliberately avoid technology, even when they had all kinds of support from fellow co-workers and management, and as a result they make the personal decision to become expendable. How can we expect young people to embrace new technology (as well as being receptive to positive change) when their peers choose to downplay the incredible potential use of these new technologies? Part of being a teacher is leading by example...putting forth your best effort and then some giving just a little more.

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