Monday, October 4, 2010

The Technology Enthusiasts' Argument

All the information is suddenly available to us and nothing is barred. But yet so many people choose NOT to make use of these technologies nor engage their brains to allow our learning to go to the next level. As was noted by the author, "what technology gives, it can also take away." While people interact with others on another entirely different corner of the planet, they sometimes fail to open their windows and exchange ideas with their immediate neighbors and friends.

As a teacher and agent of change, how can I both inspire and motivate young people to use every one of their senses to the maximum potential? It's more than asking young minds to open up and absord everything put in front of them. It's simply giving them a gentle nudge in the waters of knowledge so they have a better understanding of their potential. I must continually strive to be a conduit of ways to bring all sides to the table of discussion where the exchange of culture and personal values takes place in common respect for one another. Sometimes it will be uncomfortable...and on other occasions I will feel right at home. Regardless, I am intent on moving forward. Turning new corners will enhance new discoveries and encourage personal growth, not only for my students....but for myself, my community, family and associates. While there may be some well-noted hesitation, we should all have no fear of the unknown!

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