Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Digital storytelling PSA

The Digital Storytelling PSA was a great collaboration with Meagan Leatherbury, another EDU 331 student. When the two of us met, we discussed various ideas for the project; and since we both had an interested in genealogy, it became a natural fit for us. Technology is the perfect fit for researching family history, but it also makes use of traditionalism associated with reading old letters and look at photos which are sometimes over 100 years old.
As is the case for so many individuals we had so much to say in so little time. Sixty seconds may seem like alot of time on paper, but once you begin reading the script the window becomes oh so small. It was not only the script, but the graphics and video we wanted to use. Meagan and I went back and forth deciding on what to cut, modify, keep, and tweak...until it all came together into a 60-second production.

As to how much effort I exerted with the PSA, I put forth a concerted amount of time and effort into the project. I felt very comfortable with Meagan's contribution, and it was never a case of 'you do this, I'll do that'. I don't believe either of us ever made a comment about having to spend too much time, and it was actually a fun experience! Overall, the digital storytelling PSA was a positive experience, and I look forward to using it in my future classroom, whether I assemble for my students' use in class or oversee their creation as a group project or individual effort. I consider it a great way to communicate!

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