Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Technology Inquiry Wiki Experience

I would love nothing better than to say this was an easy assignment, but in all honesty, it may have been one of the most difficult. It's not that I don't enjoy research projects and term papers, but ending it all with a screencast tests the patience of the soul. Needless to say, it is done.  (ta-da!)

My research into WebQuests was an enjoyable experience, and it entailed searching for relevant articles over many weeks. When the project was completed I came upon the realization that many teachers are not tapping into this unique resource for one of two reasons. For those who did use WebQuests many years ago, before days of Web2.0, they will come to a realization of how much it has changed with the evolution of the interactivity of the Internet. And for those who aren't, it may be their fear or lack of knowledge for what this can do to spark life into their classroom. There is a generation of new learners waiting for their teacher to cease being a direct-instructor and begin facilitating learning (can you sense my excitement?)  I love the concept!

Was there value in this course task? Absolutely! In fact, the wiki demonstrates how the interactivity of Web2.0 can impact the 21st century classroom. Was there value in doing another screencast? I forgot what a 'pleasure' it was last month, and all those happy memories came back to me once again. But this time it went considerably smoother; and rather than three hours, it consumed only 90 minutes. But I also got better...which alludes to the point that I should not give up on making ongoing use of screencasts.

After completing this course I am struck by the tremendous impact it's had not only on myself, but to those around me. This is GREAT STUFF! Do I plan to use it in the years to come? ABSOLUTELY! (and I'm not kidding anyone here...that's THE TRUTH) Despite the work load, I always felt comfortable in the environment because I knew I will use the content throughout my teaching career. No doubt there will be more "new technology" forthcoming in the classroom, but I have no intention of running away from it.

While this may be my final blog for Education 331, it will not be the end of "Beyond the Wild Rose". I have rediscovered the fun of writing again, and I will continue to develop this media in my professional career....to share, explore, contemplate, and challenge. This is what makes teaching so special to me!
...and so from this point forward, it's full speed ahead!

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