Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Lab Reflections

"How will I teach Ella with new technology?"  Using the new found skills (and recognizing these will improve in years to come), I will keep technology in the forefront of her learning. It may be by developing a new SCRATCH game to introduce with a new unit of math or science. It may be by opening a dialogue between our class with another classroom on the other side of the world via one or more of the social networking tools available. It may be daily visits to another corner of the world using one of the many virtual learning sites. It may be using podcasting to provide lessons for my students. It may be through Interactive WhiteBoard lesssons which can be tailored for one individual or a class for of learners. Perhaps it is with a blog, either one of my one or one which she establishes. And there are plenty more pieces of new tech just waiting to be discovered, too. Above all else, it is important to not get too comfortable with one way of doing life is all about constant change.
While this may be the final day for both class and lab, it is NOT the final day of this blog. It will continue in the weeks, months and years to come. Yes, there will be final postings on both my Scratch and Wiki projects, but there are both personal reflections and ongoing learning to reflect upon in the ongoing future. The past four months of Education 331 has been yet another chapter in the ongoing saga of my late-learner life. While I experienced many lessons over my first 57 years, there are special things waiting to unfold before me in the next 57 (providing I live to be 114). I hope to live on!

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