Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Life on the other side

The acquisition of knowledge is a wonderful thing, but it can also be scary. When one is totally immersed in thought-provoking ideas, you sense there is something on the other side of that wall. The initial images of a new thought is right there at the cusp of your brain, but you can't quite find the right words to communicate it, either to yourself or to someone else. I think of it as the total opposite of walking on thin ice, waiting for the crack to happen and then the opening to swallow me whole. Only this time I am the water beneath that sheet of ice and I just can't find the means to break through to the outside world.

Upon completing my first full semester as a full-time student since December 1974, I am in awe of where my life path has taken me. There is a profound amount of people, places, and ideas which I've experienced, yet nothing compares to the feeling I am experiencing here and now in December 2010. I haven't been away from the classroom for the past 36 years; rather, I've been entrenched in real living. This is not the final chapter, but the beginning of a unique climax in plot development. There are several more roads to travel: some rough and winding, some straight and narrow, some with pitfalls, others with great rewards. My backpack is firmly in place and the compass points me on my way. Let's do it........

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