Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monday Lab Reflections

The atmosphere within the weekly lab is a unique experience in itself, strangely similar to a hive of bees upon discovering a new source of pollen. "Brain games" are but another means to provide intrigue to younger students in learning traditional subject material in core content areas. This are more than "plug-n-play" activities, and there are viable pros and cons to using websites such as today's sample. I consider the "FunBrain" website as beneficial to supplying supplemental activities to young minds, and it would be interesting to monitor the progress of a sampling of grade school/middle school students over a set period of time.
Group presentations such as the one we experienced today are beneficial to every teaching professional. Over my career I have witnessed many ill-advised and poorly-planned presentations on the part of salespeople. Regardless of the profession we stake claim to, it is important we reherse and secure feedback on our performance...so the next one is all the more better than the last. I anticipate more good discussions in the weeks to come, accompanied by additional opportunities for personal growth in the field of education.

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