Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rethink Ch.5

This specific chapter provides excellent insight and thought on a variety of topics. The so-called revolution in education is undergoing constant change, whether it be from the standpoint of home-schools, workplace and business, distance/learning education, gaming, and EVERYTHING in between. It wasn't long ago when the word 'education' referred to K-12 schools, but that is now a thing of the past. Education is now 'learning' and it encompasses everyday life in it's entirety. Learning provides knowledge and skill-sets from a baby's first-breath to a senior citizen's last day on this earth. Our brain is constantly being engaged with new material via improving and expanding with audio, visual, or interactive experiences.
I was absorbed in thought when I came upon the final sentence in the chapter, the author challenging us "to think beyond schools, to consider how technology can be brought to bear to address issues of equity and the implications of these developments for education in the future." This is an matter which requires reflection on how we can fully engage our citizenry in this conversation. Technology offers many solutions, but it isn't free. Innovators expect to be rewarded for their efforts, but at whose expense? As an educator I want all the tools in my toolbox, yet I know there are limitations with regards to budgets, time, and expertise. We live in an age when possibilities are incredibility endless, yet we confine ourselves with self-inflicted borders of resourcefulness.

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