Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reading Reflection BWP Ch.8

In the past 4-5 years, I must admit to having been converted to an audio and visual learner. Prior to that I was notorious for gathering most of my information via print it books, newspapers, or magazines, but times have changed in ways which few ever imagined. The weekly allotment of 500 miles driving round-trip from Wild Rose to Stevens Point are consumed in daily podcasts, and I've become hooked to this programming. After experiencing it and then delving into how educators can use this media in their classrooms, I have high expectations for myself with podcasting in the years to come. It cannot be a one-way form of communication though, and it offers tremendous possibilities for student interaction, both in and outside of the classroom environment.
And no sooner will I have mastered podcasting, then it will be time to jump headfirst into screencasting, too. Live streaming web will put students and educators smack in the middle of events, and I consider it just another way to "plug into the grid of educational intelligence". Like all technologies, there is unlimited potential for this tool, but many old-world educators will struggle with ways to incorporate lesson plans into this vehicle. Their frustration shouldn't stand in the way making it happen, and will only provide new educators with fresh opportunities to "wow" their tenured peers.

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