Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rethink Ch.4

While reading and then pondering this offering, I felt as if I was hovering over the earth looking down at the progression of events in the world of education which took place over the past two hundred years. Each of these events took place with the intent of improving the way we go about teaching in society. As a result of the ingenuity of humanity, education has undergone an ongoing regimentation of transformation. There have been instances when differing opinions resulted in shifts in strategy and acceptance, but we must remember that while boats are headed in the same direction, they don't always travel at the same speed. In the past two hundred years, the rowers have possessed differing values and approaches to life, embracing local control, then welcoming state-mandated directives. Each experiment influenced the discussion and then afforded a solution which was accepted as the norm for future generations. This is what makes American education all so special! Yes, new problems are placing stress on the framework of education, but our country's culture has been laden with similar challenges, each time growing stronger and more determined to be "the best". We are a country which refuses to say "no"....instead choosing to seize the opportunity to grow. This chapter was beneficial to look back and see how we have changed, knowing the next century will undergo a similar transformation of change.

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