Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monday Lab Reflections

Sometimes it can be difficult in assessing the benefits of where our roots lay in regards to technology and how it's evolution has unfolded. In today's world I have the opinion that too many people are only concerned on where they are at the present without reflecting on the past nor contemplating their futures. The advancements in American education have been significant to the degree that those before us had a profound impact on the lives of people around the world. As I look around the lab and see fellow UW-SP students who are one or more generations removed from my mine, I am in awe of the opportunities which await them. At times I sense their confusion and frustration as to why they need to acquire all these skills in technology....but yet I see how much it will add to their personal strength, character and resolve in the classroom IF they embrace and acquire these proficiencies. Technology enhances the ability to communicate in more than a one-way stream of media, rather a streaming multitude of ideas and concepts in all directions of human life. My cohorts have the ability to impact the lives of young learners in ways which few generations have been able to do. There will come a time when they realize what magnificent tools they have at their disposal, but hopefully they will still pause to reflect on how we all got to this point in time.

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