Friday, October 15, 2010

Reading Reflection BWP Ch.6

Most likely it's been at least 4-5 years since I "tweeted", much less considered the changes which Twitter undertook. While so much of it remains a vast wasteland of chatter, it provides another excellent resource for updates on technology and the world around me. After taking a good look at how some of the teachers and school disctricts are using Twitter to communicate with their communities, I was gassed about the possibilities which currently exist....and it will only improve for the better in years to come. Too often people associate technology with a hefty pricetag, but this is one coooool application with is very inexpensive to initiate.

Another new tool is the Diigo website, and the simplicity and practicality of saving/sharing/communicating information to others. I see great potential for these tools, not only in the classroom, but in the community around me. Two months ago I was not aware of "social bookmarking", but I am rapidly becoming a fan and proponent of this concept. All these new tech tools make me want to step down on the accelerator just a little more. This is GREAT stuff!

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