Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Lab Reflections

Today's group discussion was slightly out-of-the-box material, and kudos to the leaders for leading us in a different type of exercise. Every now and then we all need to get out of our comfort zone, and stepping back to create a fortune cube is a bit of a throwback in time for me. The segment on SMART Board Tips & Tricks was also beneficial and well worth the time spent. The best way for me to improve upon my abilities is to roll up my sleeves and dive in with trial and error attempts on whiteboards. Time is often a premium, but it cannot be put off much longer. Although I know "just enough" to get by, I need to allocate time and energies to mastering this unique teaching aid. I anticipate new learning with the Cool Tool Screencast project, and my chosen topic will be done on Over many years of my professional life I've been involved with several SWOT analysis, so I am reconnecting with a familiar routine.
At times the workload appears to be somewhat overwhelming, but I consider it similar to a stimulating physical workout in the gym. While the 'pain' may seem a bit severe (pain is probably a bad choice of words), I am very confident this will improve my overall worth as a potential teacher. Time to head back to the chin-up bar for another 100 pull ups, then into the pool for a 5-mile swim, before getting into the sauna!  :)

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