Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Lab Reflections

Another stimulating lab today, including a thoughtful discussion on the benefits and shortcomings of the web. As Dr. Boyer noted, it's not about asking questions in order to get quick answers; but all in asking the 'how' and 'why' in the statement. Too often classrooms have their students involved in a simple mindset of 'Trivia Contest', asking for a canned response when instead they could foster new ways of exploring for answers. I find it ironic how we fail to open our eyes to the enormous possibilities right before us. The Web2.0 can serve as an interactive chalkboard of sorts, and takes it into a multidimensional plane as no generation or people has ever experienced. Teachers have the ability to light the fires of learning in the minds of our students, and it's unfortunate how many in this profession fail to grasp the reigns of technology. Shame on us for not helping them maximize their full potential!
And finally, a quick word about my Delicious Library. If there is but one new tool which I've been turned on to, it has to be this! Each day it gathers a few more bookmarks and tags, all of which I am able to share with it in a profession of educator or life-long learner. At the same time I have access to what others deem as perceptive bookmarks, opening new doors for future inquiry and exploration. This is no time to take my foot off the accelerator, rather let's take it the next step and beyond!

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