Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rethink Ch.8

The assigned reading offers some interesting conceptual thoughts regarding both curriculum design and performance-based assessment, and I have the perception that many of our schools do not always provide for the best content  nor learning environment for their students. This is not done on purpose, rather it is the consequence for society's need to standardize education. Again, good intentions gone bad and the end result is a bowl of blah-tasting soup. When I find soup on my stove without flavor and spunk, I find myself adding seasonings and spices in order to get the "voila!" For so many years our taste buds have been scarred from the missuse of canned soups, and over time we've forgotten how good soup is supposed to taste. Remember, no two soups taste alike....and we can use this analogy to make education and learning fun again. So let's head for the cabinet and start stirring the pot!
A good cook always wants their recipe to be original and unique. Let's allows schools wanting to make specific changes in their format do just that. Encourage them to explore new options in learning styles and subject area. Take 'em to the kitchen and say "have at it". Not all their creations will come out as prized delights, but some extraordinary things are bound to happen. As the text noted, "under 70% of the students entering high schools will graduate on time." This is an alarming statistic, and we have the capabilities to reverse a trend which will lead to a more educated society, not just in our country but throughout the world. So what are we waiting for? A new generation of creative chefs are lining up outside the kitchen. Have at it!

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