Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Lab Reflections

Today's lab exercise was a good demonstration of the shift in perception among the class towards greater acceptance of using technology in schools in order to attain higher learning for their students. During the first week of class my fellow classmates did not understand the true impact which technology could have on the classroom, but now that they've had the opportunity to try some of these new tools, they are almost giddy from visualizing what their classrooms of the future will look and feel like once they sit in the teacher's chair. Good for every one of them! Having confidence in your abilities, and then being able to apply those talents, demonstrates a true vision of hope for the next generation of learners.
Since my age most likely skewers the median age of the class as a whole, I will focus more on the individual's desire to set themselves apart from everyone else. This class is one FANTASTIC example of what can happen when the bar of expectations is set higher than most were comfortable with back on Day #1 in early September. If you want your students to develop into their personal best, why not expect that of yourself as well? While some have chosen not to journey into the dark, murky waters, those who want to achieve are conditioning themselves for something very special in their professional career. Sometimes it's not about fearing the unknown, but being uncomfortable in stretching the muscles of the mind. Good things await those who engage their minds in higher learning.

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