Friday, November 19, 2010

Reflections on Podcast: mp3 Player & Education

Another first...a PODCAST! This was not only fun to do, but provided some great insight on mp3 players in the world of education. Some schools have chosen not to fight the concept, and openly embrace them. Other educators are ignoring them...hoping they'll just go away. And then there are some who tell their students to check their technology at the door. How tragic is that!
The experience was two-fold. The first was the time spent on researching the issue, not just for what it is today, but for what podcasting could do for tomorrow's classrooms. The second part was rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty with 'garageband' from Mac. Perseverance is all seeing a project through to its completion and about staying on task. It's not an issue about talent or having time, but having determination and accepting it for what it is....a learning experience. Not having used a Mac for about 15 years put me at a slight disadvantage, and I knew just enough to make trouble for myself. But no snow bank is so deep as to stop Pete Duesterbeck....and I plowed my way through it. Cool stuff! After making my podcast, it was off to MovieMaker in order to properly convert the file and add artwork. Alas, it is done.
As Thanksgiving approaches next week, it is all the more reason for me to give thanks to the many people who encompass the learning environment of UW-Stevens Point. From my professors to fellow students (and everyone in between), I am most blessed at this time in my life. Enjoy your turkey!  :)

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