Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rethink Ch.6

As the concept of education has evolved over the years, the role of the teacher has changed as well. Prior to the concept of schools and classrooms, workers were provided educated with apprenticeship learning. The student was assigned a person from whom they would learn a trade or craft, and this person then assumed the role of teacher or mentor. It was a true one-to-one relationship and assured the transfer of knowledge from one generation to another. While the student gained valuable experience on a specific trade, there was not enough time nor depth of expertise to provide other insights. Today, more than ever, we understand the great benefit of teacher-student relationship, but limitations on financial resources put restraints using this to our best potential. The role of computers have dramatically impacted today's learning environment, but as the test noted, they are unable to interact in a way which provides a personal bond with the learner....at least as of yet. In the future the day will come when technology breaks through the previous barriers with articifical intelligence, and computers will then develop warm personalities mirroring those of caring teachers. In the meantime, we can all do our part to enhance the climate of real education.

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