Monday, November 8, 2010

Reading Reflection BWP Ch.10

So what does it all mean? In the heads of some, an endless headache that won't go away. In the eyes of others, a blur of clouded confusion. To the minds of those who want to explore the unknown, it means THE FUTURE! For the past 35+ years I have experienced what embracing technology can provide in the way of inspiring not only myself, but all those around me. It has shifted my life in a direction to which I am sometimes unable to explain, much like a ocean wave taking a surfer on the ride of his life. Why fight the current when you can simply jump on your surfboard and enjoy the scenery? And it's not just the future which I claim new fondness for, but the opportunity to explore the past with a new bag of extraordinary tools. It affords me a new way of not just looking, but actually participating in the conversation of open dialogue between generations of lifelong learners....of leaving behind my thoughts to future classrooms and delving deep into the archives of world history. Just imagine the possibilities. I do!

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