Monday, November 22, 2010

Rethink Ch.9

This chapter asks a great question...."What does it all mean?" With all the monies and personal efforts that have poured into advancing the cause of education in technology (or is it technology in education?), there are some reasonable assumptions of forthcoming improvements in the way of test scores. After spending billions of dollars in the past decade, a society we are in need of a visible 'return on investment'. While advancements have been made in technology, I sense we're falling short in the Expectations Department. Dropout rates continue to rise and discipline in our schools remains a problem. This does not mean we haven't enjoyed some success stories; rather, there is plenty of good news to see & share. But the need for accountability from within the public sector has never been greater. Anyone associated with higher learning should never fear assessment for content and conduct. For too long we have thrown mass amounts of money into the wind, hoping some of it would land where the ground was fertile. The public is demanding accountability from educators, and they have every right to hold anyone associated with the classroom to a higher standard. Technology simply opened a Pandora's box of new ways to teach and learn...and good teachers should recognize these advancements for what they are....additional tools to use in their daily interactions with students. Some educators will "get it", other will not. The time has come to stop protecting those who are not doing their job, and provide new opportunities to those who will make use of new technologies.

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