Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday Lab Reflections

Ah yes, the question of the day: "Were you ever allowed to focus your learning around your goals and interests in K-12?" Does this bring back memories or what? Thinking back to days at Craig High School, my focus came from a narrow list of electives, few of which would even come close to being what is offered in today's high schools. It's not that I'm directing anger at my school officials from 40 years ago; rather, I'm in awe of what is available to today's students. They have the world at their fingerprints, yet fall short in using it to its maximum potential.
Today's group leaders then provided us with an exercise of which I would describe as "open exploring of knowledge" versus "controlled learning". It was amazing how each of us reacted when provided with a simple instruction to look for information on a science topic. It was "off to the races" and our class came up with some rather cool website. And then we were directed to research "photosynthesis" (real exciting subject, eh?) Needless to say, it still highlighted the dynamic of what I refer to as "open exploration of knowledge", and it's a concept worth hanging on to for contemplation later in my studies.
My plate is heap full of projects to complete in the next few days, and my energy levels are running high. Let's learn something new!

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